How To Improve Your Writing Skills And Grammar

In the spring of 2014, I started my first solo blog, and I named it Surprising and Powerful Lives. My first post was about people's different appetites and how activity could affect your appetite throughout the day. It was awful. I diligently continued to write more posts and a few kind hearted people read them … Continue reading How To Improve Your Writing Skills And Grammar

Hosting, SEO, Permalinks, Re-Posts: “I Quit!”

Did you know that there is an astonishingly grotesque amount of top YET CONFLICTING SEO and Website Mangement information? There are no actual, hands-on help, just planet destroying quantities of information. Read this humorous blogging story.

Tags~#Infographic~Be Informed, Most Aren’t!

Tags and categories can be easily confused and used incorrectly. If not used properly it can result in being dropped from the WordPress reader and even search engine results. Here is an infographic created by Amanda Ricks which outlines the basics of tag use in a clear and concise manner .

Categories and Tags: How To Do It Right

Categories and tags are the structure of your site and blog. While categories are the basic structure, tags then are the reference library. This article a more detailed guideline and explanation of the use of categories and tags including and it's "reader" application. Tags and Categories. I first published an infographic that laid out very … Continue reading Categories and Tags: How To Do It Right

Does Self-Hosting Always Create Panic Attacks?

The internet Gods decided that I needed a hit over the head reminder that "if it seems too good to be true then it probably is." On Friday, Feb. 5th I was full of pride and overconfidence at the successful move of Surprising Lives from to a self-hosted site at Site Ground. Everything was in … Continue reading Does Self-Hosting Always Create Panic Attacks?