A Journey Into Domestic Violence

A Short story for which I don't have a title. Your Father: The living room smells of your father's pipe and your mother's cooking. It's lamb chops this evening. It's the type of smell that would make you queazy if you weren't used to it. You're sitting on the new couch. It's lavender and at … Continue reading A Journey Into Domestic Violence

Smart People Tend To Do These 10 Things. Do You?

Do you wonder if you're smart? Really intelligent, perhaps. There's obviously lots of ways to test your actual IQ but many of us prefer not to get so technical about the topic. Listed below are ten attributes that typically smart or intelligent people possess. Check them out and see how many of them fit you. … Continue reading Smart People Tend To Do These 10 Things. Do You?

Unique Intelligence Types; Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner

Discussions about intelligence have been going on for many years and will undoubtedly continue for much more. One of the most studied theories of intelligence typing was originally conceived almost two decades ago and still offers attractive alternatives to traditional IQ theories. Harvard University Scientist Dr. Howard Gardner suggested and grouped the strengths of people into … Continue reading Unique Intelligence Types; Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner

How to Stay Calm When Others Are Crappy

Emotional reactivity is an automatic, usually unconscious response, to specific events, situations, or people. Particularly when we are under stress, emotional reactivity is almost entirely negative. The environment seems more threatening or fraught with uncertainty. Our “buttons get pushed” more easily. We’re more likely to lash out or, if we hold it in, emotionally shut down. This … Continue reading How to Stay Calm When Others Are Crappy

IQ Myths: Is Genius Innate or Learned?

IQ, intelligence and genius are always a top topic. Audiences around the world love to see characters who are born genius' and seem to just magically know everything. Dr. Ericsson has studied the myth of genius at great length and he says with authority that they are NOT born genius'. It takes a lot of … Continue reading IQ Myths: Is Genius Innate or Learned?

#5 Real Points From Psychology 101

Psychology is really relatively simple and in some ways comes down to five core points when understanding people. Liberal-arts-psychology-photo I have had the pleasure to learn, experience and practice some different roles in the world of psychology, therapy and counselling from both sides of the couch. All of this experience has taught me some eye-opening stuff … Continue reading #5 Real Points From Psychology 101

How Well Does “Positive Thinking” Really Work?

There is a massive wave of inspirational doctrine including psychological advice, coaching, miscellaneous information, quotes, etc. focused on telling people that they alone are liable for their #happiness, #life, and #success. Theoretically, everyone is solely responsible for themselves and everything in their lives by how they think. If you let go of all negative thinking … Continue reading How Well Does “Positive Thinking” Really Work?

But: The Real Meaning Behind Some Words

Too many people perceive themselves as not deserving, good enough, strong enough, or bright enough. Then due to this belief, these people can have an internal voice that keeps saying "but" to every positive thought or hope. Find out how can this type of thinking be stopped.

Some People Never Change, Why?

Some people will never change" is one of my site's top search terms. Surprised? I agree. In fact, I thought it was some fluke until it kept showing up every day month after month. I love watching the search term results because it gives me great ideas for what's going on in people's minds and what … Continue reading Some People Never Change, Why?

Say “I do” to Marriage and a Happy You.

Is it possible to stay in your marriage through thick and thin without losing a part of who you truly are? How do you stop from building inner resentments over the years for all of those little things that we all have to give up or compromise on? Can it be done, and both of … Continue reading Say “I do” to Marriage and a Happy You.

How Promises Build Trust In Your Life.

Western society today abuses the entire concept of a "promise." The term is overused and often broken. Our terrible divorce rates can attest to that. We need to stop making promises unless we mean it and can keep them. By Amanda Ricks