About Us

Amanda is a Writer, Blogger, and Social Resource Marketing Specialist.
She has created, authored, and advised on a number of Blogs, Websites, Social Media Profiles, and other Business and Digital Marketing projects.

With her background in Anthropology, Psychology, Business, and most recently Digital Marketing, she helps people identify and achieve their personal and online goals and successes.

You can also read the extended version of Amanda’s bio.

Amanda Ricks Bio – About Me

How did Surprising Lives come about?

In my vision of a perfect world I always expected (and was also urged) to settle down to one particular niche. Unfortunately, what ended up happening over the years was that I’d commit to a specific direction, throw myself into it wholeheartedly and hate it six months later. Not a particularly productive way to go.
I entered, conquered, succeeded at, and thus moved on from many diverse careers in a relatively short time.
Finally, I have realized and most importantly accepted that I will never be a one topic person. My education and careers up to this point have been completely different so why did I think that something would change?

I am who I am, with the strengths and passions that I have and I’m a sum of all of them.” – Amanda Ricks

There’s no fighting it, so I decided to join it all together, and this site was my jumping off point. Enjoy exploring.