Fall ~ The Season Of Thanks


Fall, why fall? Because the air has a crispness that fills your lungs with a coolness that soothes and refreshes. The summer slips away slowly, and autumn radiantly glows brighter every day dipping everything in hues of red, yellow, and gold. The ground crackles happily as you walk through carpets of fallen leaves. Frost starts to … Continue reading Fall ~ The Season Of Thanks

People Fixers: What Are They And Are You One?


An updated complete review of the type of people, called, people fixers, who try to always fix other people's problems and life stress instead of allowing them to accept their emotions naturally and work through them in a scientifically proven healthier manner.

Nameless Woman No. 39


She walks these streets like a ghost. Her eyes are vacant and her voice flat and lifeless. She reminds me of someone I used to be. Everything about her appearance is provocative. From the bleached blonde hair to the tattoos mimicking lingerie up her legs. Physically she is a beauty. Yet the lifelessness makes her appearance … Continue reading Nameless Woman No. 39

Perspectives On Apocalypse


Fictional Perspectives On Apocalypse 1. Most people hate the rain, ruins their hair and makeup. Gotta wear ugly rain boots, cars splash you when they pass. Some people love the rain. Standing in the pouring rain can be so freeing, and it's always fun to splash around in the puddles. If you ever wondered how … Continue reading Perspectives On Apocalypse

Sharbat Gula, The Afghan Girl: Where Is She Now. ~The Full Updated Story


Sharbat Gula, The Afghan Girl, has mesmerised the world, first with her stunning green eyes on National Geographic's Cover and now with her continued life story. For the first time read her whole story covering the last thirty-three years. New photographs included. By Amanda Ricks and Surprising Lives

Smart People Tend To Do These 10 Things. Do You?


Do you wonder if you're smart? Really intelligent, perhaps. There's obviously lots of ways to test your actual IQ but many of us prefer not to get so technical about the topic. Listed below are ten attributes that typically smart or intelligent people possess. Check them out and see how many of them fit you. … Continue reading Smart People Tend To Do These 10 Things. Do You?

Kylie’s Warrior (A Story About Childhood Abuse And PTSD)


When the little girl looked up, she saw brown eyes with a fire in them and the beginning of creases in the outer corner. Faint creases, perhaps from staring at the sun or seeing too much of the world. But the eyes, although piercing had a kindness in them that looked down at the little … Continue reading Kylie’s Warrior (A Story About Childhood Abuse And PTSD)