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When I started blogging, there were words/phrases I made up to express feelings I couldn’t put into any other words (like happiment). Some of these words and phrases are starting to pop up in places I never expected to see them. The reason I point this out is to ask you to consider how many … Read more

Joelle LeGrendre

Very useful information, Amanda. Thank you for sharing this.. I still need to learn more.. Re: 10+ Essential Blogging Points


Wow, Amanda. I think you nailed it all right straight on here! This surely has been an uplifting, empowering writing here. Hugs with a warm smile too, you have a great grasp of emotions. Re: Saying Goodbye To Illusions

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Hi Amanda, thanks so much for sharing this. You are one of my biggest supporters and I’m truly grateful for that. I think that the blogging community is such a positive and supportive one, I have around 200 subscribers now and I still haven’t received a negative comment on my blog. So thank you too … Read more


Thank you for these (Blogging) tips. I am working on my site too in making it a success. In regards to your point no. 7, I totally agree on it. Recently, I had this guy on social media offering his SEO report of my site for free. Seems to be a fraud.

Kash Pals

Thank you so much for this post…I feel so much more confident that I am on the right track with my blog:)  


I love all your posts here! Amazingly talented! 😀

Michelle. T.

This is such a great post. I’ve traditionally been a fixer, yet know for myself it’s the last thing that I want in times of pain. I think that having my son has helped to inspire stand and acknowledge my own behaviour and try to think before I speak. Thanks, Amanda, for articulating this so … Read more

Su Leslie

Amanda; sometimes I feel like you’re my counsellor. And a damn good one too.

Sue. Z.

Kim Garst ‏@kimgarst 15 Dec 2015    @surprisinglives honored to be included, Amanda! Thank you! Re: Blogging Need To Knows: Updated

Kim Garst

Robert Caruso ‏@fondalo 15 Dec 2015 10:00 AM   @surprisinglives well done!! Robert Caruso ‏@fondalo 15 Dec 2015    #Blogging Need To Knows by @surprisinglives

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As a writer, you’ll find that other writers are very supportive.  Several provide spot-on advice. Here are a few great sites that come to mind: Amanda Ricks……………………Social Media is her forte. THOUGHTS ON BEING A WRITER:  February 3, 2016 by floridaborne


Amanda, sometimes I think you sneak into my head, gather up the things I’m thinking and say them — so much better!!! Let me know how the debate goes. Personally, I have no intention of going gently into that good night. I’ll be the purple-haired one in the corner raging against the dying of the … Read more

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I relate very much to this post. Those that want to ‘fix’ may not understand the problem, to begin with – so why not just try to understand and then maybe the empathy or support will follow. Being a father to 3 sons I completely understand your perspective. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. … Read more

Terry From Spearfruit

Hi, Amanda. Today I am visiting blogs. I love what you wrote here, and I totally agree with you! I’ve been blogging since 2013 and wow it can be hard. I applaud you.I will be back for sure and read more. Have a blessed day! ✿✿✿✿✿


I sincerely wish you the best. For a life worthy of your beautiful soul. You deserve this. Sometimes, things take time. Though as you say, everything is still always a lesson learned. Staying strong even if we find ourselves standing “alone”…is exactly right. Thank you for sharing hope for the future 🙂  ~ Although this … Read more


~Yay!:  You really do have a cool, neat blog. It is always informative, well-presented and a source of inspiration for other bloggers. All the best with continued success. 🙂   ~Ralph: Congratulations Amanda. That’s a cool award!   ~Julia: Congrats 🙂 That is a really amazing thing…your blog is neat indeed:)  

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~The English Professor At Large: Excellent tips for professional writers and for letter writers as well. ( English expert, copywriter, and editor) ~Barbie: Good tips. Thanks for sharing. ~TracyRuby: Well said! Excellent tips for every writer. ~Bianca: Thanks for writing this it’s been so helpful. Re: How To Write Better In Five Minutes

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