Joelle LeGrendre

When I started blogging, there were words/phrases I made up to express feelings I couldn’t put into any other words (like happiment). Some of these words and phrases are starting to pop up in places I never expected to see them.

The reason I point this out is to ask you to consider how many people may have read your blog and been able to guide their friends, or make better life decisions.

Remember that riddle where you’re asked, “Do you want a million dollars or the amount of a penny doubled every day for a month?” What happens when 1 person who hears your message is doubled each day for a month? Hint: A penny doubled every day for a month = $10,737,418.23.

You never know in the blog-o-sphere where your thoughts are travelling and who you have helped just by writing one post.

Joelle Legendre, Author of
Atto Run: The First Level of Hell