Lines Of An Artist: Toronto Exhibition by Yayoi Kusama.

Toronto is currently featuring a stunningly beautiful exhibit from Yayoi Kusama at The Art Gallery Of Ontario. Her work and the displays are breathtaking and innovative leaving visitors with visions they could only imagine before.   Ms. Kusama is also an outspoken and transparent artist willing offering explanations of what inspired her work.   “Guided by … Read more

Toronto: The Rise, The Set.

Sunrise:   “Light streaks the softening velvet sky as if innocently saying, “it’s me. it’s time,” and morning erupts into the distant sky with sparks of fresh new chances.” – Amanda Ricks 2018   Toronto Skyline from the Islands at sunrise.   “It was not so much a modification of the darkness, as a sigh … Read more

Wildlife Photography Of The Year: Toronto

    Toronto is hosting the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, at The Royal Ontario Museum.  This competition is the longest-running nature photography competition in the world and has been shown here for five years in a row. The stunning images capture everything from fascinating animal behaviour to breath-taking landscapes. The artistry and technical excellence … Read more

Look At My Curves

Curves, Corners, however, you look at it, Toronto has a few interesting ones it likes to show off. One of Toronto’s most photographed downtown corners, The Gooderham building, known for its cool rounded feature. The tower of Old City Hall, at Bay and Queen street, reflecting off a new nearby reflective skyscraper. A mural painted on … Read more

Literature Versus Traffic In Toronto

Literature vs. Traffic was invited to Toronto to carry out their, And the Transformation Reveals program by Nuit Blanche Toronto 2016  and commissioned by Camille Hong Xin. The group had previously visited a few other international cities from around the world. Some illegally, others with permits. Toronto was selected as a good choice because of its traffic problems. … Read more

Tattoos Can Be Classy, Beautiful, Personal Statements

Black Line Studio Toronto, Canada. Tattoos are no longer huge garish things that only people who don’t tend to live in the mainstream wear. Today, every type of person can find, like, and enjoy a tattoo that suits them and expresses their style. Also, people of every age group are now venturing forth and getting their … Read more