Fall ~ The Season Of Thanks


Fall, why fall? Because the air has a crispness that fills your lungs with a coolness that soothes and refreshes. The summer slips away slowly, and autumn radiantly glows brighter every day dipping everything in hues of red, yellow, and gold. The ground crackles happily as you walk through carpets of fallen leaves. Frost starts to … Continue reading Fall ~ The Season Of Thanks

The Evening Settled


The evening settled on us like a welcome mediator. Dimming the stark reality, hushing tones, and muffling our harsh thoughts. I heard a sigh and wondered if it was another unspoken apology or merely a step closer to the door.

Perspectives On Apocalypse


Fictional Perspectives On Apocalypse 1. Most people hate the rain, ruins their hair and makeup. Gotta wear ugly rain boots, cars splash you when they pass. Some people love the rain. Standing in the pouring rain can be so freeing, and it's always fun to splash around in the puddles. If you ever wondered how … Continue reading Perspectives On Apocalypse

Bridge Of Trust


If only somehow, someway, a bridge of trust had allowed my love to quell your self-imposed embitterment." ~ Amanda Ricks 

Keep Your Baggage To Yourself


An opinion and views post about people who are negative and who tend to be drawn to caring positive people but then leech off them and often drag them down to their level. By Amanda Ricks

Open That Front Door And MOVE ~ Quote

Action affects our thoughts, Our thoughts affect our feelings, Our feelings affect our mood. So open that front door and keep putting one foot in front of the other until you feel better. ~ ©2015 Amanda Ricks