Surprising Gifts – A Guest Author Tanka Poem

  Treasure life. See, hear, feel, inhale a forest scent, imprint each moment. In surprising ways we find everyday gifts meaningful. If you want to participate, here’s the link: ©Joelle LeGendre  Joelle LeGendre is one of our popular guest authors. Click here to can see more of her Surprising Live’s posts.

Literature Versus Traffic In Toronto

Literature vs. Traffic was invited to Toronto to carry out their, And the Transformation Reveals program by Nuit Blanche Toronto 2016  and commissioned by Camille Hong Xin. The group had previously visited a few other international cities from around the world. Some illegally, others with permits. Toronto was selected as a good choice because of its traffic problems. … Read more

Amy Cuddy Says: Pose, Fake It and Become It!

Dr. Amelia Shepard, Power Posing. (Photo courtesy: Youtube.) In March 2015 I wrote a post that started off by saying: I admit it; I am a Grey’s Anatomy fan. Last week’s show centered around Dr. Amelia Shepard performing groundbreaking brain surgery. During her preparation for the surgery, Amelia goes through some confidence builders, including standing … Read more

Danielle Girard ~ Newest Book

Danielle Girard is the author of nine previous novels, Her books have won many awards and are being considered for various movies. Ms Girard’s newest book, Exhume will be available October 1st, 2016. This book is about Dr. Annabelle Schwartzman. Dr. Schwartzman is the medical examiner for the San Francisco Police Department and works alongside homicide … Read more

STOP, DON’T MOVE! You Won’t Believe What Could Happen Now.

World-renowned and award-winning Author Winslow Eliot is one of those people who I hold in high regard. She and I enjoy a good relationship in which we share our work, ideas, and opinions through social media. Winslow is always open, well-informed, supportive and humble. With these things in mind, I am very interested and supportive of Winslow’s current … Read more