When The Angels Whisper


I think I originally wrote this in 2015 but recently found it in my files. I immediately thought of the valiant struggle that a blogger friend of mine is currently experiencing. With that thought in mind, blessings to everyone out there who struggles late at night in the dark.

One More Try | spearfruit

An amazing, insightful, and honest post by someone who has become to me somewhat of a hero. Terry or Spearfruit never ceases to show strength, courage, dignity, and positivity as he is progressing through a very difficult course of cancer treatment. Please enjoy his post. “There are countless posts on my blog written about life; the … Read more

Sometimes, When Life Gets Rough, You Need To Get Mad And Fight


Sometimes, or perhaps I should say when it really matters, when the result is of particular importance, you just need to get mad and fight. Yes, of course, we should keep our faith, stay focused and be positive. But what seems to get the winning results is getting our hands cut and dirty by throwing … Read more