How To Spot And Manage Judgmental People.

People who are judgmental and people are problematic psychologically. Judgmentalism involves making negative assessments of other people and thereby enhancing their sense of worth by comparisons with the (supposed) lesser status of others. Judgmentalism involves finding satisfaction in seeing others fail because theoretically, it shows that they are better than you are. Often people who … Read more

Red Flags, Toxic Relationships, And Self-Care

Healthy relationships don’t come with handbooks, and there are no courses or tests to make sure that everyone is fit. Plus, sadly, many of us were brought up in dysfunctional environments and end up repeating negative patterns taught to us at a young age. Because of this we often pick the wrong people to share our … Read more

A Journey Into Domestic Violence.

A Short story for which I don’t have a title. Your Father: The living room smells of your father’s pipe and your mother’s cooking. It’s lamb chops this evening. It’s the type of smell that would make you queazy if you weren’t used to it. You’re sitting on the new couch. It’s lavender and at … Read more

The Best Way To Move Through Life's Problems

Everyone has been there, probably many times throughout their life. A point when stress, worry, fear of the unknown, anxiety, or any other number of things seem overwhelming. Perhaps you feel smothered and helpless. During the time when you most want to be able to think clearly, logically, and realistically, you feel as if your … Read more