The Evening Settled

The evening settled on us like a welcome mediator. Dimming the stark reality, hushing tones, and muffling our harsh thoughts. I heard a sigh and wondered if it was another unspoken apology or merely a step closer to the door.

A Journey Into Domestic Violence

A Short story for which I don't have a title. Your Father: The living room smells of your father's pipe and your mother's cooking. It's lamb chops this evening. It's the type of smell that would make you queazy if you weren't used to it. You're sitting on the new couch. It's lavender and at … Continue reading A Journey Into Domestic Violence

Bridge Of Trust

If only somehow, someway, a bridge of trust had allowed my love to quell your self-imposed embitterment." ~ Amanda Ricks 

The Best Way To Move Through Life’s Problems

Everyone has been there, probably many times throughout their life. A point when stress, worry, fear of the unknown, anxiety, or any other number of things seem overwhelming. Perhaps you feel smothered and helpless. During the time when you most want to be able to think clearly, logically, and realistically, you feel as if your … Continue reading The Best Way To Move Through Life’s Problems

Sometimes, When Life Gets Rough, You Need To Get Mad And Fight

Sometimes, or perhaps I should say when it really matters, when the result is of particular importance, you just need to get mad and fight. Yes, of course, we should keep our faith, stay focused and be positive. But what seems to get the winning results is getting our hands cut and dirty by throwing … Continue reading Sometimes, When Life Gets Rough, You Need To Get Mad And Fight

My Daughter’s Heart Surgery: Her Story And Fight

True personal account of my youngest daughter's endocarditis and massive heart surgery. The fight she went through, our faith throughout and the wonderful teenager she is today. By Amanda Ricks via

Do You have A Life, Mum?

My Daughters, some years ago. I think that they prefer me not to display recent photos on "Mummy's blog!" Last fall my daughter's Doctor commented to my daughter that I (their Mother) didn't have a life. She was correct, sort of, maybe. Today, almost a year later I guess I still don't have a life. … Continue reading Do You have A Life, Mum?