Casa Loma: The Structure Of A Failed Capitalist?

Casa Loma is Toronto's Gothic Revival castle built by controversial capitalist Sir Henry Pellatt in 1914. The structure of the castle is very impressive and it's easy to spend hours wandering the hallways and rooms of unique architecture. I've included a few photographs of some of the more unique areas of the castle. Unfortunately, the Pellets, … Continue reading Casa Loma: The Structure Of A Failed Capitalist?

Look At My Curves

Curves, Corners, however, you look at it, Toronto has a few interesting ones it likes to show off. One of Toronto's most photographed downtown corners, The Gooderham building, known for its cool rounded feature. The tower of Old City Hall, at Bay and Queen street, reflecting off a new nearby reflective skyscraper. A mural painted on … Continue reading Look At My Curves

Masks Of Texture

I have been creating and collecting textured backgrounds and other textured images for years. Not only do they fascinate me but I use them whenever I can in my different online projects. Here is a sample of a few unique textured facial images. I hope you enjoy them. This post is for the WordPress photo … Continue reading Masks Of Texture