People Fixers: What Are They And Are You One?

An updated complete review of the type of people, called, people fixers, who try to always fix other people's problems and life stress instead of allowing them to accept their emotions naturally and work through them in a scientifically proven healthier manner.

The Evening Settled

The evening settled on us like a welcome mediator. Dimming the stark reality, hushing tones, and muffling our harsh thoughts. I heard a sigh and wondered if it was another unspoken apology or merely a step closer to the door.

Bridge Of Trust

If only somehow, someway, a bridge of trust had allowed my love to quell your self-imposed embitterment." ~ Amanda Ricks 

Bye Bye, American Pie By Don Mclean

When I first heard American Pie, it was many years after it had been a hit, yet it was still played almost non-stop within the group of tweens that I hung out with. My best friend at the time was going around, yes that's what we called it, with a boy who I also thought … Continue reading Bye Bye, American Pie By Don Mclean

Rescued Cat, Loving His Rescuer.

This is one of those happy-ending, animal-rescue, stories that I love. I'm sure that you'll agree after seeing these great photographs. With just hours left on death row, this adorable kitten named Henry was saved. The way he thanked his rescuer is just too cute. Source: Cat Rescued Hours Before Death Row, Can’t Stop Thanking … Continue reading Rescued Cat, Loving His Rescuer.

Do You have A Life, Mum?

My Daughters, some years ago. I think that they prefer me not to display recent photos on "Mummy's blog!" Last fall my daughter's Doctor commented to my daughter that I (their Mother) didn't have a life. She was correct, sort of, maybe. Today, almost a year later I guess I still don't have a life. … Continue reading Do You have A Life, Mum?

love is in the trying

Awhile ago I left a comment for Terry of Spearfruit saying that "Love was in the trying" and that he and all of us need to remember that. We must try to forgive ourselves and stop carrying around guilt for not being perfect parents. Terry has now written a beautiful post about being a parent and love … Continue reading love is in the trying