How Well Does “Positive Thinking” Really Work?

There is a massive wave of inspirational doctrine including psychological advice, coaching, miscellaneous information, quotes, etc. focused on telling people that they alone are liable for their #happiness, #life, and #success. Theoretically, everyone is solely responsible for themselves and everything in their lives by how they think. If you let go of all negative thinking … Read more

STOP, DON’T MOVE! You Won’t Believe What Could Happen Now.

World-renowned and award-winning Author Winslow Eliot is one of those people who I hold in high regard. She and I enjoy a good relationship in which we share our work, ideas, and opinions through social media. Winslow is always open, well-informed, supportive and humble. With these things in mind, I am very interested and supportive of Winslow’s current … Read more