Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is the new buzz phrase that encompasses most blogs and experts that used to be referred to as social media experts or marketing experts. Now they have been merged into one group, and it’s become a bit of a crossover.
Someone who was formerly called a social media influencer last year is now a social media marketing influence this year.
Keeping that in mind I will include in this list of resources, people and blogs that as of now are considered social media marketing resources.
In no particular order:

Social Media Examiner;

Social Media Examiner is the big guy on the block and has been for quite some time. They generate A Lot of top notch content on every aspect of social media and marketing, daily! Be warned if you sign up for their newsletter you will get tonnes of email! But there’s no argument they are one of the best, if not the best, at what they do, so you can’t go wrong dropping by, you’ll always learn something. SMExaminer is also a great resource for other blogs worth checking out.


Curatti, by JanLGordon, is a favourite of mine. Not only is Jan one of the most gracious social media marketing experts and Influencers that I know but she also has one of the most informative sites. Which isn’t surprising since her business is a content creation. You will find informative and helpful articles on every aspect of blogging, social media, and marketing written by some of the best in the business on her site. It’s a winner all around.

Socially Sorted;

Socially Sorted by Donna Moritz has been a favourite of mine since I first stumbled online years ago. Donna was one one the amazing people who took me under her wing and patiently guided my clumsy efforts. She now hosts one of the world’s top social media blogs, and the honour is well deserved. Socially Sorted’s speciality is visual social media so any visual or image related questions you have, she can answer.


Dustn.Tv blog is a newer resource for me but one that I’m happy to pass along. Their articles are easy to read, understand, and actionable. They are also very thorough in their research and cover many topics within social media.