Emotional And Psychological Resources.

I am continually amazed and intrigued by all of the ways that psychology and emotional health intertwine throughout every aspect of our lives, relationships, and even the world as a whole.
Also, I believe that emotional health is as important as physical health and both need to be attended to wisely and proactively.
Sadly, toxic and dysfunctional emotional health, relationships, and systems have become rampant, especially in western society. But thankfully some extraordinary and groundbreaking organizations are being created and offer help to millions of people.
Obviously, I can’t begin to list all available resources in this vast area, but I will attempt to list a few that stand out in some particularly vulnerable niches. I hope you find the list helpful.
In no particular order:

General Reading Websites:

Psych Central;

Psych Central although perhaps known for its excellent resources on mental health topics is also an outstanding resource for emotional and psychological issues. They cover almost any topic that you might need info about.

Psych Central Blogs

Psychology Today;

Psychology Today is perhaps the most widely known go-to source for all topics related to psychology and any resource list would be amiss if it didn’t include them. Psychology Today also offers quizzes, and a Therapist resources library.

Hey, Sigmund;

Hey, Sigmund is growing rapidly as a reader-friendly resource that offers articles on many common topics that relate to psychology and or emotional health. Their predominant focus is on family and child-related issues.

Topic Specific Communities and Websites:

Psychopath Free;

Psychopath Free is a website for people recovering from relationships with narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths. They also have a Facebook page and group as well as a closed support group. This problem is vast and growing leaps and bounds. Psychopath Free was one of the first, resource-rich, and safe places for people struggling with this issue. They continue to be one of the best.

Self Care Haven;

SelfCareHaven is the blog of Shahida Arabi, author of Amazon bestseller, Becoming the Narcissist’s Worst Nightmare. Shahida has become a welcome, prominent, and caring voice in the community fighting to help women (and men) recovering from relationships with narcissistic related personality disordered and toxic people. She is also a spokesperson for people suffering from PTSD and C-PTSD. Her book, blog, and Facebook page are full of help and reassurance.