My goal has always been to help and inform. And I know that there is an overwhelming amount of information available on the internet from which to find resources. It can be very difficult to sift through what is legitimate, fact-based, and genuinely helpful.

This blog is read by a diverse audience which isn’t surprising since the posts and articles cover many different topics. My background is also very diverse, including, anthropology, psychology, business, blogging, social media, and marketing.

Keeping all of the above in mind I am including on this site a resource library of what I consider to be the top online resources. This library will cover a number of different subject areas and I hope that whatever your needs you are able to find some useful links.

Please check the resources menu for the different categories.




When it comes to blogging resources I’m a firm believer that all bloggers can benefit from reading and staying up to date with the most important information. This includes bloggers who have a blog that supports a website, bloggers who have or want to have monetized blogs, as well as personal bloggers. We all … Continue reading Blogging

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the new buzz phrase that encompasses most blogs and experts that used to be referred to as social media experts or marketing experts. Now they have been merged into one group, and it’s become a bit of a crossover. Someone who was formerly called a social media influencer last year is … Continue reading Social Media Marketing

Mental Health

Natasha Tracy: Natasha Tracy has to be one of the top, most informative, honest, and helpful resources on the web for mental health topics. When I first discovered Natasha, she was writing mostly for and about bipolar disorder. However, now she lends her open and honest voice to a much broader audience and covers a … Continue reading Mental Health