Easter tree? Yes, you read it right. It is the only and the most beautiful Easter tree I ever saw. Tree decoration with eggs during Easter is not an unusual thing in Germany. These trees are called “Eierbaum”, “Osterbaum” or “Ostereierbaum” in German, meaning a tree that is decorated with eggs at Easter.

Christa and Volker Kraft from Saalfeld (Germany) with their family took it very seriously and used more than 10,000 eggs for Easter tree decoration. Unfortunately, 2015 is a farewell year for this Easter tree. The garden will remain closed forever from 7th of April, 2015.

More info: eierbaum-saalfeld.de

It takes around two weeks to hang all 10,000 eggs

The Easter tree in all its glory

It started in 1965 with 18 Eastern eggs

This picture dated ~1970. The left tree is the one they still decorate today.

350 Easter eggs on the tree in 1994

This is how 10,000 eggs on the tree look like

10,000 eggs are the limit as they don’t have storage room for more eggs

Christa Kraft prepares eggs for tree decoration

Kraft started with plastic eggs decades ago, but later switched to real eggs

Kraft’s daughter Gabriela Rumrich is the painter in the family

She drew artistic patterns with silver and gold colors. Later the first landscape and city motifs emerged.

Kraft’s tree has become a tourist attraction, drawing thousands of people every year

Easter tree in the snow

What Volker Kraft does with all these eggs after Easter?

Children eat most of the eggs and the rest I give to charity. Plastic eggs I keep in the garage for next year, – says Volker Kraft.

Each egg is different

Some look like jewelry