Do You Feel Safe? Being Jewish In The USA, Today.

Surprising Lives has always aimed to help, inform, and offer the many perspectives of all people in our world. One current topic is, are Jews in The USA safe, particularly considering the recent synagogue shooting and current political environment. I am very proud to welcome a new guest author, Gordon Andrews, who has agreed to offer his … Read more

Sharbat Gula, The Afghan Girl: Where Is She Now. ~The Full Updated Story

Sharbat Gula, The Afghan Girl, has mesmerised the world, first with her stunning green eyes on National Geographic’s Cover and now with her continued life story. For the first time read her whole story covering the last thirty-three years. New photographs included. By Amanda Ricks and Surprising Lives

Literature Versus Traffic In Toronto

Literature vs. Traffic was invited to Toronto to carry out their, And the Transformation Reveals program by Nuit Blanche Toronto 2016  and commissioned by Camille Hong Xin. The group had previously visited a few other international cities from around the world. Some illegally, others with permits. Toronto was selected as a good choice because of its traffic problems. … Read more

Sharbat Gula, The Afghan Girl, In Trouble And Needing Help

Her name, Sharbat Gula, in the Pashto language of the Pashtun people, means sweetwater flower girl. Her photograph of 1984 taken by Steve McCurry was National Geographic’s most famous photograph. Sadly, the end of October 2016, Sharbat Gula was arrested with two men, said to be her sons, in Peshawar, Pakistan. The action was a “complete … Read more

Sharbat Gula, Searching For The Afghan Girl

For seventeen years Photographer Steve McCurry was haunted by the young girl with the mesmerising green eyes that he photographed in Afganistan in 1984. As he says, not a week goes by when someone didn’t ask about “The Afghan Girl.” Sharbat Gula. Her name, in the Pashto language of the Pashtun people, means sweetwater flower girl. … Read more