A Journey Into Domestic Violence

A Short story for which I don't have a title. Your Father: The living room smells of your father's pipe and your mother's cooking. It's lamb chops this evening. It's the type of smell that would make you queazy if you weren't used to it. You're sitting on the new couch. It's lavender and at … Continue reading A Journey Into Domestic Violence

The Best Way To Move Through Life’s Problems

Everyone has been there, probably many times throughout their life. A point when stress, worry, fear of the unknown, anxiety, or any other number of things seem overwhelming. Perhaps you feel smothered and helpless. During the time when you most want to be able to think clearly, logically, and realistically, you feel as if your … Continue reading The Best Way To Move Through Life’s Problems

50 Ways To Help balance Your Life (Infographic)

Often having the right balance and harmony in our life and emotional state is a matter of keeping up with the little things. When I first saw a list like the one above I immediately recognised it's value. If we can keep up with these habits while we go about our daily lives, it can help … Continue reading 50 Ways To Help balance Your Life (Infographic)

Do You have A Life, Mum?

My Daughters, some years ago. I think that they prefer me not to display recent photos on "Mummy's blog!" Last fall my daughter's Doctor commented to my daughter that I (their Mother) didn't have a life. She was correct, sort of, maybe. Today, almost a year later I guess I still don't have a life. … Continue reading Do You have A Life, Mum?

Love Is Not In The Fixing It’s In The Trying.

A free writing post that also includes an examination of the concept that "Love is not in the fixing but in the trying." A new and wonderfully interesting idea about love and all relationships. quote by Vijayraj Kamat. Post by Amanda Ricks

love is in the trying

Awhile ago I left a comment for Terry of Spearfruit saying that "Love was in the trying" and that he and all of us need to remember that. We must try to forgive ourselves and stop carrying around guilt for not being perfect parents. Terry has now written a beautiful post about being a parent and love … Continue reading love is in the trying

7 Life Lessons To Pursue Your Dreams

Do you want to be able to pursue your dreams? To be able to live your life according to how you feel you were meant to live? To be the person you believe you were supposed to be? To be able to say to yourself with pride: " Against the odds, I managed to accomplish … Continue reading 7 Life Lessons To Pursue Your Dreams

Get A New Lease On Life

A change or trying something new will shake up your status quo and give you a new lease on life. Everyone needs a fresh perspective on life at regular intervals in order to keep moving forward in a positive direction. Here are some cute pictures showing some ideas for easy changes and new things to … Continue reading Get A New Lease On Life

Does Sleep Affect the Mind and Body?

Sleep affects the mind and body and lack of sleep is said to have a detrimental effect on your mind and body.  I'm sure you've heard these statements numerous times before. Perhaps also, like me, you continue to play beat the clock and function on minimal sleep. So here is a summary of the latest … Continue reading Does Sleep Affect the Mind and Body?