How Private Is Facebook?

Facebook is still the largest social media network and growing every day. Millions of people love connecting with their family and friends through this platform. But some people worry about their privacy on Facebook, and despite the support pages, there seems to still be some confusion as to what information is private. So I thought … Continue reading How Private Is Facebook?

Social Media Tips, Tools, And More! [Infographic]

When you venture onto Social Media, it can often be intimidating, especially if it’s new or you have a few different accounts to manage. There is a lot to learn about each network’s do’s and don 'ts. But knowledge is power, as they say, so with that in mind, I wanted to share some great … Continue reading Social Media Tips, Tools, And More! [Infographic]

Twitter’s Easiest Most Effective Tips

I love Twitter. It is admittedly my favourite social media platform and the one from which I receive the majority of my subscribed followers. Twitter has received various criticisms lately, but personally, I find it to be the most efficient, open, and productive social media platform. WHY? Twitter's Productivity and Highlights: The 140 character limit … Continue reading Twitter’s Easiest Most Effective Tips

Visual Media- What Everyone Needs To Know About Creative Commons

This post is currently being updated to provide the most current information. Thanks for your patience. A specific and clear description of what creative commons means and what all of the different attribution requirements are. Great information that every kind of blogger and person on social media needs to pay attention too.