Calling All Guest Authors

If you are a Writer, Blogger, (or Photographer), we invite you to become a guest author on Surprising lives.

This site has a number of varied topics and categories that we accept submissions for:

  • Social Media.
  • Blogging.
  • Marketing.
  • Psychology and related topics.
  • Anthropology and related topics.
  • Photography.

All articles must be of high quality, well written,  original, and not published elsewhere. (They can be published on your blog six weeks after the posting date on Surprising Lives if linked back to this blog as the original publishing site.) The average length is usually 500-1,000 words but that is just a guideline.

All articles have an author bio and a link to the author’s own blog or one of their social media profiles.

If you have an article that you would like to submit please contact us via the contact form below with as much information as possible. We will do our best to get back to you quickly.

Thanks for your submission.