When I Win A Billion Dollars!


If, When I win a billion dollars, there are a billion things I would do.

First the practical/boring things:

  • Get the best accountant in the world!
  • Create gigantic trust accounts for both of my daughters.
  • Pay off my ex’s debts and maybe even buy him a small/tiny/minuscule house. Yeah, I’m a nice person, sucker that way!
A tiny house for my ex!

Now the fun things:


A Range Rover Sports SUV.
  • Buy a luxury Range Rover Sports SUV.


A cabin in Costa Rica near Mount Poas.
  • Buy vacation places in, Costa Rica, England, and NYC. And travel ALOT!



  • Create the biggest, best, stray cat sanctuary and hire homeless, older, former cat hoarders to look after all of the cats because I know that they would love all of them.
  • Hire a cleaner and cook, because I hate doing both!

This is a post for Floridaborne/Joelle Legendre’s Tell Me A Tale for June. Check out her blog for all the info and to read the other submissions.

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