Science Says That Creativity Enhances Life.

A while ago I wrote and published one of my Original Image Quotes about how creativity feeds the soul. I’ve known this but mostly failed to acknowledge and incorporate it into my life.

Creativity Nurtures The Soul

But my renewed awareness of this life enhancement came from a friend last year. In an email she said;

“I’ve realised that the three things I need to do most in life are to make things, to learn new things and to communicate the fruits of these activities with others.”

I’ve always been an avid learner and in turn an enthusiastic communicator of the fruits of my knowledge. This trait was a significant reason why I started blogging years ago.

But, somewhere, somehow, I forgot about the creative side of life and how soul nurturing it is.

Now that I’m more attuned to this concept I’m making sure to partake in it more, and I’m also reading more about the merits.

With that last thought in mind, I wanted to share a few snippets from some articles that explain how creativity and specifically-art have been scientifically shown to improve happiness and contentment.

Or make art! Dopamine is the ultimate “feel good” transmitter that wards off depression and protects the brain from ageing. Every time you engage in making art, a high dose of dopamine comes your way. It doesn’t matter whether you’re “talented” or what the creative activity is. Art can take you out of yourself by pulling your attention away from rumination and self-focus and into a world of beauty and imagination. -Source 

In turn, there is a deep survival motivation to communicate through art.

It doesn’t matter what art means to you or how you create and express it. But instead the process of being creative through art that is the benefit.
My daughter, Emily May Wilson’s, art from art class. The theme was Picasso.

Also, having art and creative things in your environment boost a sense of well-being and contentment. Offering a feeling of security.
An adult colouring book that my daughters, Samantha Leigh Wilson and Emily May Wilson, and I have been experimenting with.

So, however you create, whether it be via a traditionally recognized art form or another less common method, keep doing it, sharing it, and appreciating it. You’ll feel that much better for doing so.

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