“A Cat’s Purr Is Worth A Thousand Smiles.”

Those of you who know me, even the slightest bit, know I adore cats. Especially my baby, Lexi.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m a prime candidate for becoming a cat lady in my senior years.

Here, just for fun is a quote I posted on FB a while back.

My daughters are also young cat ladies in the making.


Here’s s photo of my daughter Samantha, relaxing one evening with Pebbles, (on the top left), Buddy, (on the top right), and Teddy, (sitting next to her). Samantha is very much loved by all of our cats, as you may have noticed!

What a cozy bunch.



Here’s a close-up of Buddy our eldest and pack leader supreme.




This is my daughter’s baby boy, Pebbles who will get into any cupboard left open. Even the plate cupboard!



This is Jinx, my youngest daughter, Emily’s cat getting cozy on an old blanket. She looks like maybe she’s smiling.




Here’s Teddy trying to be clever and hide! “You can’t see me.”



Lexi is definitely one sweet and precious thing in my life that always brings a smile. This is her one evening snuggling up with me and my laptop while I was sitting on the couch trying to catch up on some work. “I’ll love you no matter what you’re trying to do, mummy.”

We love all of our feline family and they always bring a Smile to our faces.

I think “A cat’s purr is worth a thousand smiles.”  – Amanda Ricks 2018

9 thoughts on ““A Cat’s Purr Is Worth A Thousand Smiles.””

  1. I love them all!

    We don’t have a cat right now … for the first time in decades. When our wonderful old cat passed, we got a puppy to keep our elder dog company, and we’re limited to two pets in our apartment. Love the dogs, of course, but I really miss having a feline buddy.

    • Thanks for your great comment. I can imagine that although of course, you love your dogs you do miss having a cat. cats do have a special way about them. 🙂

    • Yes, I know you love cats, I’ve enjoyed many of your cat photos! Thanks for your lovely comment. Have a great day. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, yes we are a happy family, cats included of course! I remember that you guys love cats too. Here’s hoping things sort themselves out soon so that you can go ahead with getting your kitten. <3

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