Casa Loma: The Structure Of A Failed Capitalist?
Casa Loma is Toronto’s Gothic Revival castle built by controversial capitalist Sir Henry Pellatt in 1914.
The structure of the castle is very impressive and it’s easy to spend hours wandering the hallways and rooms of unique architecture. I’ve included a few photographs of some of the more unique areas of the castle.
Unfortunately, the Pellets, Henry Pellet and his wife, Lady May, only lived in the castle as their home for one decade. They left the 98-room residence in 1923 due to debts and worsening finances.
It’s been a bumpy road for the 64,700 sq. ft. Casa Loma, Spanish for “house on the hill,” exchanging hands and being used for different purposes over the years.
The castle was also left abandoned and suffered vandalism for some years.
The castle was eventually bought and is now a tourist and special events venue.
Casa Loma remains a lasting architectural, historical and tourism legacy for Torontonians.
If you’re ever in Toronto I hope you visit Casa Loma’s wonderful Structure. I live very near by so drop in for a visit too. lol

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