Shine On, Lexi, Shine On

“Hey, I’m standing in the shiny sunshine!”

My newest baby girl, Lexi, is definitely my biggest “ooh.” Every time I see her sweet little face peek around a corner, or look up at me, my heart melts. She definitely has me wrapped around her paw.

“Look, my mummy made me look shiny!”

Plus, she’s a fun-loving young girl who is always ready to jump, run and play with any of the other cats, a new-found toy or me. i.e my toes and fingers! Which means she often causes diversions and delightful distractions by toppling over things and crashing into furniture while on high-speed chases.

But she brings loads of bright Shiny! sunshine and love into my life and I adore her.

This post is for the WP Photo challenge for the words, Ooh, Shiny!

*Photographs edited by PicMonkey: crazy-awesome photo editing.

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