Danger! Run!


I know it isn’t a good thing to have mice living in the walls and crevices of my house and usually, my cats manage to send out a very loud and clear, “danger! Do not enter” message.


They’re sooo cute!

So whenever a mouse is spotted by either, one of the humans, or cats, in the house, we all scramble over each other trying to catch it first. Sadly, one of the cats is usually swifter.

However, I have become an expert at extracting mice from cats while they’re still alive. I then let them go outside, safe and sound. Much to all of our cat’s dismay.

This is an entry in the wp photo challenge:

12 thoughts on “Danger! Run!”

  1. I am so totally rodent-a-phobic it’s almost funny. I once spent a weekend moving from one half of my house to the other by going out one door, walking around, and coming back in the other all because there was a dead (yes, dead) mouse in the room that connected the front and back of the house. I had to wait until my flatmate got home to remove it before I could go back in that room. 🙂

  2. They are cute in pictures! I managed to catch and release a little field mouse. What seemed so huge inside looked so tiny released back into the wild!

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