Social Media Tips, Tools, And More! [Infographic]

When you venture onto Social Media, it can often be intimidating, especially if it’s new or you have a few different accounts to manage.
There is a lot to learn about each network’s do’s and don ‘ts. But knowledge is power, as they say, so with that in mind, I wanted to share some great tips and tools.
Also at the bottom of this post, I have included two of my favourite tools.
“Here is an Infographic of Social Media Tips, Tools and Fun facts that were created by Jason Jackson of The obligatory best posting times are included, naturally! The infographic covers Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The research and design here are both stellar.  It was curated from no less than 10 articles and 8 distinct sources, including Jeff Bullas, Hubspot and Social Media Today. This is one to bookmark!  Enjoy!” ~ Curatti (edited)

As mentioned I also want to tell you about my favourite “go-to” Social Media tools that I’ve been using for years and have proven their worth many times over.
For scheduling, and posting on Social Media, you can’t beat Buffer. There is a free plan but also their next plan up only costs approximately $100.00 a year and is in my opinion, a life saver.
Buffer enables you to connect your Twitter account (including multiple accounts), Facebook (profiles and business pages), Google Plus page, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. They also include an URL shortener by Buffer or by Bitly. A specialised scheduling tool is an addition feature.
A specialised scheduling tool is an additional feature, and an Instagram hook-up is also available for posting reminders. Instagram won’t let you post directly via Buffer because of their general regulations.
Also, Buffer is very user-friendly.
For image creation and or re-sizing my number one favourite is PicMonkey. You would be amazed at the images, editing and even pseudo-graphic art that I have created withPicMonkey, over the years. Again this site has free and paid plans. Best of all the learning curve is very easy for newbies.
PicMonkey also has not only photo editing features but design, collage, templates and photo enhancement tools.
Note: None of the links in this post are affiliate links. The opinions expressed are my honest recommendations, without any compensation. More freebies, Yay!
Source: Social Media Tips, Tools, And More! [Infographic] | Amanda Ricks