Keep Your Baggage To Yourself

I know very well that they say we are the ones responsible for how other people treat us. It is our decision to let it happen and accept it or move on and away from it. But there’s more to it than that.

Admittedly, I have struggled with this throughout my life. I have often given too many second chances and accepted too many empty apologies for bad behaviour and treatment. My reasoning was that I could still see and appreciate the good things about the person. Nobody is ever all bad. However, in reality, people never change.
The prevailing opinion is that if you are a positive person, then you will attract more positive people. May I strongly suggest that this view is crap. Negative, self-centered, needy people have an innate radar for caring positive people and flock to them like seagulls. Someone who lives in a world of negativity loves nothing more than to be coddled and also pull others down with them. Some people will never change.
This leaching has happened to me repeatedly, and thankfully I am finally starting to see the pattern. I am also feeling the strain that it’s put on me.
Honestly, I’m becoming more intolerant of letting myself be used in this way. I’m getting less willing to be other people’s dumping grounds for their baggage. Fortunately, I am happy to realise that this awakening is better late than never.
So I’ll sum it up, and keep it very clear and blunt since this is an opinion post (rant!) Dear life suckers, keep your shit to yourself, it’s not welcome here anymore.
Originally posted 2015.

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