The Best Way To Move Through Life's Problems

Everyone has been there, probably many times throughout their life. A point when stress, worry, fear of the unknown, anxiety, or any other number of things seem overwhelming. Perhaps you feel smothered and helpless. During the time when you most want to be able to think clearly, logically, and realistically, you feel as if your brain has stopped working.
You’re desperate for a solution. An equation to solve the problem or problems. A way out of this immobilizing fog that seems to have trapped you. So, what can you do?

There is one answer that will help solve all problems:


Yes, I said move.
~ No matter what, don’t let yourself sit there. By sitting there frozen in the problem the negative and overwhelming sensation will only gain more power. It’s as if you are allowing yourself to be a sitting duck for the mental and emotional cloud that is overwhelming you to now descend on you even more. The negative feelings will gain more power and your overall ability to cope will diminish more.
~ Although I do mean move physically I also mean move your brain, intellectually. Both of these movements go hand in hand at first. It depends on how difficult the situation is and how immobilized you have become in your life. If you are at the point where your situation has affected your usual physical daily activities then start there.

Wherever you are, and however bad the problem is, moving is where you need to start. 

Perhaps, making sure that you get showered and dressed every day, no matter what, is where you start. Just make sure that you’re moving. Maybe it’s ensuring that you go outside and walk for 30 minutes every day, rain or shine. Again, you’ll be moving.
Possibly you are having a career crisis. Then take a course, it doesn’t matter if it’s the perfect course for your perfect career goal. Just take it. You will gain something no matter the result. you may learn a new skill or aspect to your field. This new window of insight could possibly open up a new avenue for you that ends up solving the crisis. By taking the course you have gained something and you have moved your brain out of the problem and into a better frame of mind for dealing with your situation. You will have a new perspective. You will have moved.
If it’s a family or relationship crisis of any kind, move the dynamics. Change your role in the equation. If someone close has suddenly pulled away and left you feeling hurt, vulnerable, and unsure what to do, stand up and take back your power. Make the relationship hold equal power for everyone involved by looking after yourself. Go and get support and help for yourself if necessary. You will be moving into a solution rather than staying stuck in the problem.
By following the above suggestions you are guaranteed to solve your problem. First, of course, any and all physical movement has a direct positive chemical reaction in your brain that will help alleviate that horrible fog with which you have been struggling. Your ability to think clearer, more logically, and realistically, will return.
Secondly, by changing or moving around a situation in your life you accomplish at least two things. You gain new insight and perhaps learn something new that will help solve your situation. Also, you have shifted the dynamics of everything so a shift will occur. For every action there is a reaction, remember? The change that comes about will one way or the other form a new view, insight or opportunity. This new perspective will help you see and find ways to solve the problem that you might have previously missed.
To summarize. When faced with anything that feels wrong and you can’t think of a clear solution. Always default to MOVE. Think of it like this: “Moving your way out of the problem.”

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