The Mayan Ruins, Copan, Honduras

One particular life adventure that will always stay with me was my visit to the Mayan ruins in Copan, Honduras. I had never seen anything like it before in my life, and it enthralled me.

It was the 1970’s, and this beautiful place of history and mystic was still off the beaten track for most tourists. We were the only ones there, walking quietly and carefully through the stunning walls of crumbling zigzag rocks and lush green grass that was once a Mayan village.

Parts of the ruins were oddly intact as if time had passed by them. We gingerly hiked up one of the pyramids and whirled around 360 degrees taking in all the sights from up above.

I felt a sense of spirituality within these walls, a mysterious ancient wisdom. Was this feeling my silly imagination believing that something was left behind to act perhaps as some sort of guardian? Or?

There were worn pathways in the grass from other tourists visiting but where were they now I wondered. I felt so privileged to be there by ourselves. It felt as if we had been given a special gift.

Eventually, we had to leave and continue our trip. But I knew that this visit had affected us all. A piece of this magical place would stay with us forever.

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