Nostalgia: British Sweets And London

I have a wonderful nostalgic memory of waiting for the train at Winchester station. My mother and I would take the train to London and for a treat, she would buy me a “sweet” or as you would probably call it, a candy bar from the vending machine.

Photo courtesy YouTube
My favourite chocolate bar was Fry’s Chocolate Cream (Amazon 6-Pack) – British

Visits to London were very special to me in numerous ways because our destination was my “Granny,” my mother’s mother. Granny always made her special lamb stew for lunch on the days when we visited. It was part of the tradition and she knew that I loved her lamb stew.
After lunch all three of us always went shopping at Harrods. I felt like everything I owned, from my clothes to my bedding was bought from Harrods by my granny. My granny’s generosity made me feel like a princess.
Those visits in London with granny were such happy fun days. 

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