Change, Honesty, Openness, and Sharing.

This was one of the first headers I used for this site back when it was a blog called Surprising and powerful Lives!

Surprising Lives has undergone quite a few changes in 2016. Some of these changes may have left a few regular readers confused, and others possibly annoyed. My deepest apologies. I would like to take this opportunity to try and summarize why these changes have occurred and what you, as a Surprising Lives reader can look forward to as we move forward.
Many of the changes and most of the frustrations that you as a reader may have faced have been due to mechanical and technical problems.
Since moving Surprising lives from in early 2016, this site faced major issues that detrimentally affected its ability to function as a blog connected to One minor example that you may have noticed is that most posts are lacking any “likes.” For reasons unknown, all of this sites “likes” have been erased a few times! That is just one of the funny glitches.
Over the years that I have been online, I have helped, free of charge, countless people, both newcomers, and others with many different types of things. Jobs like setting up blogs, sites, writing, editing, social media everything, and many more things. Call me naive, but it has only occurred to me somewhat recently that I have been taken advantage of in many situations. Nevertheless, I have no regrets; I am happy to help other people and with that same attitude comes my love of sharing other people’s work so that a larger audience can enjoy it.
However, I decided to explore the viability of a few different income producing options. I do need to make some more money. That’s reality. One option that I’m looking at is the Amazon Associates program. This program is far from a get rich quick option, but I do shop myself at Amazon, so it seemed to be a valid program to investigate.
No matter what program or business venture that I enter into I will always still be me. What I mean is, I assure you that it will never be anything scammy, underhanded, fake, or just a front for something or someone else. That’s not the person that I am.
I hope that I have cleared up everyone’s questions. As always feel free to email with any questions if you don’t catch me on

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