Shane Koyczan ~ To This Day ~ A Life Changing Poetry Project


Shane Koyczan, photo courtesy of his Facebook page.

The infamous poem “To This Day” was written by Shane Koyczan and he has been performed readings worldwide for masses. I first heard of the poem when my youngest daughter came home from school one day and read it to me. Before she was finished I was in tears. For some reason, the beautiful words, meanings, and the message hit a special spot in me.


Shane Koyczan, photo courtesy of his Facebook page.

I later learned that author Sean Koyczan had made an incredible animated video to go along with the poem. I truly believe that it is something that everyone, both child, and adult should see. This is the Ted Talks video where Shane himself recites his poem. I love this video the best.

Here is the original animated video.

Shane is also on Facebook, Twitter and of course, Youtube,
Best of all, see his great book. To This Day, by Shane Koycyan
Bullying is a horrible and far-reaching emotionally traumatic thing that sadly is still all too prominent in our society. Being bullied, picked on or even centred out as a child can affect someone throughout their life and in all of their relationships.
Anti-bullying messages have been around a long time and maybe some people are getting sick of hearing about them. But, you know what? If you’re sick of hearing about it then maybe you could help do something about it and the messages can then stop.

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