Tattoos Can Be Classy, Beautiful, Personal Statements

Black Line Studio Toronto, Canada.
Tattoos are no longer huge garish things that only people who don’t tend to live in the mainstream wear. Today, every type of person can find, like, and enjoy a tattoo that suits them and expresses their style. Also, people of every age group are now venturing forth and getting their first tattoo. Tattooing today is an art.
Thursday, September 1st my baby daughter stopped being a baby and turned 18 years old. She chose to celebrate her entry into the adult world by getting a tattoo. I supported her decision and went with her to my favourite Tattoo and Piercing Studio here in Toronto, called Black Line Studio.
Over the years my daughter and I have always enjoyed friendly, creative, and top professional service for a tattoo of mine and a few piercings from everyone at Black Line. No wonder they are the recipient of Toronto’s “Best Tattoo Studio” award.
My daughter’s choice of a tattoo was a small script of the word “Pebbles” to be written on her inner left wrist. Pebbles is the name of her beloved cat. She has had Pebbles since she was twelves years old and he was a tiny scrap of a kitten.
Pebbles was from a litter of new-born kittens that received rescue from the streets of Toronto. A sweet, caring woman took them into her home and fed the litter by dropper until they were strong enough to drink from a bottle.
From day one when Pebbles came to our house, he and my daughter bonded for life. There will never be another, Pebbles, in her life. I agree with her that having his name tattooed on her wrist will always be a lovely heartfelt reminder of her precious cat.
My daughter and Pebbles when he was a kitten.

Lorena was Samantha’s tattoo artist on Thursday, and coincidently it was her birthday too! We all agreed that the coincidence was a good omen.
Lorena’s bubbly personality and chat quickly put my daughter at ease while she prepared all of her equipment. I’m always amazed at how spotless and modern everything is at Black line. The atmosphere feels like a cross between a Spa and Art Gallery.
Did it hurt? Yes, according to my daughter, but not unbearably so and Lorena was fantastic. She worked with exceptional expertise, managing to combine a good speed, perfect lines, and smooth movement at all times.
Not one tear dropped, and a perfect tattoo emerged.
My daughter’s new tattoo.
My daughter and Tattoo Artist Lorena after her Tattoo was complete.

My daughter loves it and so do I. Actually, I want a script tattoo from Lorena, now!
My Daughter standing in front of Black Line Studio Sign.

How do you think “Surprising Lives” would look written down my arm or somewhere? I’m just kidding.
So my baby is now an adult, which is especially astonishing at my young age! And she walked ‘The Black Line’ on her 18th Birthday. A splendid way to celebrate, I would say.
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Note: This article is purely a personal account and story.  My daughter and I did not receive any special benefits or services from Black line Tattoo Studio. Happy belated birthday to Lorena.

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