Sometimes, When Life Gets Rough, You Need To Get Mad And Fight

Sometimes, or perhaps I should say when it really matters, when the result is of particular importance, you just need to get mad and fight.

Yes, of course, we should keep our faith, stay focused and be positive. But what seems to get the winning results is getting our hands cut and dirty by throwing out some big punches in the battles that life presents.
I’ve seen this fighting attitude and strategy work a few times. I’ve even fought a battle similar to this with my daughter six years ago.

And I’m writing about it today because a blogger friend is embarking on a fight like the one I’m talking about right now. My friend’s Blog is called Spearfruit.

One of my dearest friends was diagnosed with breast cancer many years ago and received a mastectomy and chemotherapy. She was a truly a warrior. And today, all these years later, she is happily enjoying her retirement cancer free.

My longest and dearest friend’s husband had stage 4 cancer three years ago and received chemotherapy and radiation treatment. It was a tough battle and one in which he, his wife, and family all fought with all their might. Today, he just recently received a perfect three-year check-up and is enjoying retirement with my best-friend in their new retirement dream house.

Six years ago I rushed my youngest daughter to Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids. The Doctors diagnosed her with Endocarditis. More than half of her heart had been eaten away from the infection.
The entire operating room schedule was cleared, and she was rushed into surgery, fighting for her life.
When the Anesthetist asked all of the Doctors and nurses to make way and part so that I could give Emily a long and proper hug, it hit me that it might be the last hug I gave her.

During her 10 hour surgery, I went outside onto the steps of the hospital and cried. Then with the tears still running down my face, I got mad. I was fighting angry and started to talk to whoever, whatever was out there, and I told them/it that I was not going to my daughters funeral. No matter what.

I also talked to Emily. I talked to her for a long time, and I told her to get mad AND TO FIGHT!
Emily is now sixteen and sitting on her laptop right now doing usual teen things as I type this post. Thank God she’s a fighter.

Back to what I was saying at the beginning. Sometimes life hands us crappy battles to fight but as Spearfruit says: “Come on, take your best shot – I have been on the tough road before, I will do it again.”

Here is the link to my post about My Daughter’s Heart Surgery.

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