7 Life Lessons To Pursue Your Dreams

Photo by Gerald McGartity

Do you want to be able to pursue your dreams? To be able to live your life according to how you feel you were meant to live? To be the person you believe you were supposed to be? To be able to say to yourself with pride: ” Against the odds, I managed to accomplish one of my greatest dreams in life, wow..” It’s an incredibly self and life-affirming accomplishment to be able to say that, and it’s something that everyone should be able to do.

Sadly, we all too often get caught up in the mundane daily responsibilities of living and time starts slipping away. Perhaps we think that the opportunity to pursue our dreams has passed because we have too many responsibilities. But remember, it’s your life, and your loved ones will ultimately benefit from the happiness that you experience as a result of pursuing your dreams. A more fulfilled and happy you will create happier relationships all around.

Here are seven key life lessons to pursue your dreams.

1. Give yourself permission

Don’t wait for permission, you don’t need it from someone else. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an authority, expert or have experience in your dream. You will learn as you need to and be guided on the journey. You have to be willing to realise that you are worthy when it comes to following your dream and that you deserve to start today. You are the only person whose permission you need to get started.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

2. See fears and move past them

When you see a dream, you may see the uncertainties and doubts. Instead of allowing those fears to paralyse, use them as a starting point. The biggest fear of all should be the fear of never trying and regret. Use your doubts to inspire and move you forward. Fear, doubts, and uncertainties are just a critical voice of insecurity. But they also probably mean that you’re onto something big, exciting, and challenging. So conquer those fears by facing them one by one. Your confidence will grow as you move past each doubt and fear and so will your preparedness to meet the next one.

3. Take small steps daily

The big dreams you have don’t happen overnight. You can’t materialise a dream without preparation, work, or patience. The people who achieve their goals work on it consistently. You don’t have to do everything in a day either. Work on your dream at your own pace but make progress on it daily. Think of one thing today you can do to further your dream. You may not start today, but you can do something small to progress your idea.

4. Ignore society’s chatter

It’s easy to lose your dream to “reality” or “practicality”. All your dream-crushers out there, friends and family, will use code words to discourage you from your dream.  They will insist you follow society’s route: college, advanced degree, stable job, family, and home in the suburbs. That’s the tried and true path for success, they’ll tell you. If it’s not a way that will make you happy and that’s not your dream, you have to ignore the naysayers. Instead, listen to yourself. Your intuition will be your guide to fulfilment and happiness.

5. Have a vision of the future

Envisioning your dream coming to fruition is necessary when you pursue a dream. Visualisation is key to starting. You have to be able to imagine your dream coming alive so you can get motivated to start on it. Believe that it’s possible for you to achieve your goals. Believe in what’s possible in the future and that you can get there by working on it each day. What they say is true: seeing is believing. Once you see something in your mind’s eye, you will start thinking you can make it happen.

6. Work through obstacles

Don’t allow one failure to stop you. Recognise that there will be barriers and enable them to help you get more creative and find solutions. Even let failures inspire you and guide you to a better way to do something. Obstacles are challenges to be overcome, not roadblocks to stop you from going forward. Try and realise moving past each obstacle will get you closer to your dreams.

“I don’t dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living.” – Steven Spielberg

7. Patience

While you’re working on your dream and moving past the barriers in the way, remember that dreams don’t materialise overnight. Be willing to put in the work and also willing to be persistent. Be ready to wait and give your ideas time. In the face of failures, adversity, and obstacles be patient. If needed, change course or alter the dream if something isn’t working and don’t expect overnight results or instant gratification.