5 Real Points From Psychology 101.

Boy and world.

Psychology is really relatively simple and in some ways comes down to five core points when understanding people.

I have had the pleasure to learn, experience and practice some different roles in the world of psychology, therapy and counselling from both sides of the couch. All of this experience has taught me some eye-opening stuff about myself and of course, people in general. The information I learned was fascinating, insightful, and very beneficial to both myself, and to the people, I helped.

I hate seeing others struggle, so I want to share some of the most striking concepts that I see frequently occurring with people and relationships everywhere.

Buckle your seatbelts because some of this might get a few people a little ruffled.
Some real stuff:

  1.    Feelings are never wrong. Feelings just are. They are made up of many different things that come from various places, memories and experiences, etc. They are harmless feelings. However, once you attach them to thoughts, reactions and most of all particular behaviour they then grow into something else which can include something destructive. Like negative or aggressive thinking and behaviour.
  2.     We can always change our behaviour, but we can’t always change our feelings. Feelings and behaviour are two separate things.
  3.    Depression, fear and anxiety can be larger than even the greatest and best-intended effort to overcome them. Sometimes, you need to accept where you are, do some healing and then try again later. It does not mean you have failed.
  4.    Anger always belongs to you. Learn to own it. Anger is never anyone else’s fault. It is purely a self-driven choice and self-chosen reactionary behaviour. Nobody or anything can “make” or “drive” you to anger. Anger is only one of many reactions that you choose to have. You’re not a bad person if you use anger as a response or behaviour frequently, you just need to own it and address alternatives.
  5.    You can always trust your “gut.”  Your real instinct is never wrong.and will never misguide you. Just make sure that you are tuned into your true intuition or gut because there are a lot of things trying to interrupt the message. Practise.

These 5 things are just an introduction to basic psychology and human interaction. But they hold the key to most of what makes people, people. Once you have FULLY understood these basic concepts you will find that understanding yourself, others, and your relationships much easier.
Updated 2016 from 2015

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