Data: No More Please, I Have A Goal To Achieve

We’re hooked on data to prove our worth and level of success. To use as a pre-requisite to all of our decision-making and goals.

Who saw it? Who clicked? What percentage? What’s trending?

We are letting stats dictate our daily activities to the point where each of our days no longer reflects our life’s goals.

But what if you’re someone who wants to make a long-term commitment. Someone who seeks to create, make a difference, challenge the status quo.

When you seek a change of that sort, people and society will use data to push you to conform.

The resulting stats will control you, strip away your uniqueness, impede your creativity.

They represent a road heading nowhere. There is no future or vision.

Laziness is data’s best friend because it tells you what to do next. It’s obsessed only with the short-term.

Data gets us the Kardashians.


Inspiration and quote.


Note: When I am the one who is blatantly quoted and rewritten over and over I will personally, publicly, and ceremoniously thank Seth Godin. Promise.


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