Hosting, SEO, Permalinks, Re-Posts: “I Quit!”

Hosting, or more specifically, my latest move to self-hosting will kill me.

No kidding.

It has now been over a month of 18-hour brain numbing, hand aching, back killing days at my computer. All of this time I have…


  • Trying to figure out major problems on site (i.e. every other page coming up as “not found”).
  • Trying to find out how to fix these major problems.
  • Creating even more, problems.


  • I followed the directions of either; Yoast, WordPress, Siteground, Google, (we’re now email buddies!) or any number of SEO sites, articles, or people who are all, of course, SEO “experts.”

Did you know that there is an astonishingly grotesque amount of top YET CONFLICTING SEO and Website Mangement information? There are no actual hands on help, just planet destroying quantities of information.

And then,

  • Trying to fix (theoretically) without the expertise, knowledge, time, or support these issues.
  • Cursing and screaming at the ceiling as to why any fool suggested that the words self and hosting should ever be put together.

I now completely understand how poor little mice feel as they run frantically around those mazes.

Once again I give the greatest of thanks to Ralph of BlueFish Way. This man is not only a funny and creative blogger but also one of the kindest and supportive readers/friends/people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on the web.

Ralph has always found a way to alert, inform, help and support me and my blog/sites through thick and thin. Plus, he’s a cat guy. I don’t need to say anymore.

Nevertheless, I am very grateful for everyone’s patience during this time of discord. Please forgive any randomly repeated posts that keep showing up as well as perhaps a complete lack of posts.

Note: If you think you’ve read about this topic before from me it might be because I wrote a few posts approximately a year ago about the problems that I experienced at that time moving to self-hosting.


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