Crucial Content Marketing Basics! marketing

Content marketing is the hot buzzword. But what exactly is all of this noise about and should you be paying attention? Who does it apply too? What exactly and specifically is it? Are you perhaps already doing it without even knowing?

Seth Godin spoke about people turning away from traditional advertising as far back as 2007 in his TED Talk. In an effort to counteract losing people’s attention from advertising business’ turned to Content Marketing. The internet had changed the world.

Here is a cool infographic from The Content Marketing Institute.

As much as I love infographics we do need to get a clear definition and understanding of what Content Marketing refers. I think The Content Marketing Institute also explains it well

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” –Content Marketing Institute 

“Content marketing’s purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer’s behaviour. It is an ongoing process that is best integrated into your overall marketing strategy, and it focuses on owning media, not renting it.”  –Content Marketing Institute 

Successful content marketing is communicating the right message at the right time to your customers.  –Brafton

Here is where I want to start pointing out something very important. Although content marketing is traditionally used by and referred to in business environments it’s actually a concept that can be applied to numerous situations in which promotion of any kind would apply. One of these situations could include the simple promotion of a personal blog for increased readership. I’m making note of the versatility of content marketing because I believe that it can be applied in almost endless areas. However, currently, it is still rather exclusive to the strictly business world.

From some well-known people who work in content marketing here are a few interesting quotes.

“Content isn’t ‘stuff we write to rank higher’ or ‘infographics’ or ‘long-form articles.’
Content is anything that communicates a message to the audience. Anything.”
— Ian Lurie, CEO, Portent, Inc.

Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left.
Seth Godin, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Public Speaker.

“A plan to grow and engage your customer base that is built around discovering what you can do for someone else, developing and delivering related content, and then measuring the results.”
Robert McGuire, Owner, McGuire Editorial & Consulting

It is a strategy of producing and publishing information that builds trust and authority among your ideal customers.”
Neil Patel, Co-Founder, Crazy Egg & Hello Bar

“Content is the emotional and informational bridge between commerce and consumer. Building that bridge requires more than a budget, editorial calendar, and vision. It requires people who care, who love content, and what it can do for people. Not just what it can do for revenue, but rather how it helps people live their lives.”
Jay Baer, President & Social Media, and Content Marketing Strategist, Convince & Convert

-Above quotes from this LinkedIn article.

I underlined the parts of the quotes that I thought specifically addressed the core of what content marketing should be and the manner in which it should be created.  Now that we’ve specified that content marketing is really just creating interesting and informative content for your desired audience (or customer) in order to promote their trust in you.

We now see that content marketing is really just creating interesting and informative content for your desired audience (or customer) in order to promote their trust in you.  The question that comes up next, of course, is how do we accomplish this goal?

“The data and research support the importance of consistent content marketing and it’s effectiveness in driving traffic, creating demand and lead generation, not to mention elevating thought leadership and web traffic. At the same time, we are hearing about the importance of creating blogs, video, and graphic content.” 

Consistent, relevant content specifically designed to connect with your target audience and designed for the right channels.”  Robert Caruso 

We know that uniqueness, being exceptional, not the same as everyone else but different from everyone else out there, is really important.

Now we want to uncover a powerful, hard-to-replicate, high-quality method to provide an answer to that question. The answer lies in finding a unique, powerful, exceptional way to present this content. Keep in mind that you’re going to do this 5 to 10 times before you have a hit.  Moz.

Okay, so we’re aiming to grab the attention of our audience in unique and wonderful ways! I think that pretty much sums it up.

Where do you start? Are there any guides or help out there? Specifically is there information available for your average person to access and then learn to implement?

Yes. Here are a few things from a couple of places.

Copyblogger is a wonderful resource in many ways. Not only does it have a very well laid out library of articles and tutorials but all of it is written in English. I tend to get impatient with pretentious writing.