#4 Top Emotional Health Tips!


Emotional health is the most important part of your overall health. Without having emotional health you can’t achieve proper health in any other area, including physically.

Your emotions are like lenses through which you perceive and are able to combat outside and or physical intrusions.

Following are the top most effective tips or concepts for emotional health. Millions of people use and live by these tips and I learned how great they are quite a few years ago. I  have used these ideas myself, as well as with other people and I still find them helpful.

They assist with overcoming worrying and ruminating. Also, they help with staying grounded and will ease anxieties. Often, just remembering one of these tips can keep your stress level manageable on days when it seems that everything is stress filled.



  1.    When you’re caught up in a frenzy of worrying: ask yourself “Is everything okay this very moment?” If it is, which it usually is, then STOP, everything is okay, and you can relax. Your worrying will not change, prepare you or warn you in any way for what the future brings. So halt and focus on the current moment. This trick takes practice, but if you keep it up, it works wonders and helps worriers stay grounded.

Fake it til you make it;

  1.    “Fake it til you make it”: This one is a classic 12-step program slogan, and it applies to so many things for almost anyone. When we’re trying to learn a new habit or healthier way of doing things it can be hard at first. So instead of giving up in frustration, fake it! Yes, I said fake it. The proof shows that if you just hang in there doing a new thing, the effort of just doing it will help you learn it. You don’t have to love it at first but just stay with it, and soon your “faking” will turn into a new and real healthy habit.

One day at a time;

  1.    “One day at a time”: Again a well known saying but worth sharing. You can plan, schedule and organize for tomorrow and other future days, but you can only live one day at a time. Most importantly no matter how hard you try to foresee problems or create solutions for possible unknown occurrences worrying about tomorrow won’t change anything. You can literally only live one day at a time. So stop missing out on enjoying all of your “todays” and start living “One day at a time”. Stay focused and do it today!


  1.    Now this one may seem a little hard to understand at first. Don’t confess all of your old mistakes, misdeeds, lies, etc. to the person who would be most hurt by knowing about these things.

In other words, if you did something in the past that would hurt your spouse very much if they knew about it, spare their feelings and don’t tell them about it. All you would be doing by confessing is easing your guilty feelings.

For example, it is a statistical fact that most marriages don’t survive the confession of a grave misdeed. That point is perhaps a sad fact, but it’s the reality. I have seen too many relationships destroyed by people trying to confess their mistakes in the name of “honesty” and “starting fresh.” 

I would love to live in a perfect world more than anything, however, ultimately I am happier living in our world as kindly and selflessly as possible.

Talking about it is good, imperative in fact. But talk to someone else that you trust such as a minister, therapist or friend.

I hope these tips have given you some food for thought or even better some new ideas on how to live an emotionally healthy life.