The 8 Best And Easiest Blog Boosts

There are a lot of tiny things to learn and remember as a blogger and reminders are always welcome. So I am going to outline 8 of the best, easiest blog boosts. I love to help whenever I can, so if you’re a blogger, especially a new blogger and get some benefit from this article, I’ll be happy.

I’ll be quick and straightforward about a few things that every blogger can implement. Although some of the points may seem minor and even simplistic, if updated they could make a huge difference in how many followers you attract, their interaction with your blog and their promotion of your blog!

So what’s to lose?

Great Ideas To Enhance Your Blog:

  • Blog readers like to leave “comments.” This point may seem obvious, but users want to participate in discussions about your posts and blog. Blogs are popular because they are interactive, and people enjoy being able to connect with you. A comment area is your readers “voice”. I do, however, suggest that you set up all comments to be approved before they are posted.
  • Always put “social media” buttons at the bottom of each post. Many (I always do) readers will tweet or share a post on their social media accounts. Keep the main ones visible and possibly the others under the “more” button. You just can’t afford to miss out on this exposure and promotion.
  • If you are a blogger, remember to have the “like” button at the bottom of each post. readers like to give you feedback after reading a post, and this is the simplest way of doing that. Also, quite a few of these readers like to use the “like” button as a sign of encouragement and support without having to leave a more time-consuming comment.
  • Unless you are writing for a very specific niche and your entire blog is directed towards that niche refrain from stating extreme and or controversial opinions. For example, if you have a general, personal, type of blog that usually attracts a varied group of readers who may not be inclined toward a controversial subject.
  • Skip, avoid or best yet, just don’t have anything that could be considered in any way, pornographic or semi-pornographic. The exception would be if that’s what you’re into and you want to attract readers who are also porn enthusiasts. Porn includes what some people call “erotica.” To most mainstream users it’s still not an appreciated niche. Also, if you choose to post this type of material expect to receive a lot of hardcore enthusiasts and to lose some regular readers. Also, remember, that on most blogging platforms anything considered “adult” must be labelled as such.
  • Don’t mass-post. I mean those times when inspiration hits you, and you have a bunch of great posts to publish, and you just keep automatically hitting publish. Your poor readers just get buried in all of those posts. Two things happen if they get overwhelmed with multiple posts. First, people stop looking at what you have published because there’s so much. Secondly, it’s upsetting to some people because it takes up all of their inbox or readers and they can’t see anyone else’s posts. Plus of course, there is a limit of posts worth publishing each day, week or month before you not only don’t gain any more readers or views, but you start losing them.

Cosmetic Things Make A Difference Too:

  • Yes, looks count. You may love green, purple and orange all together but, unfortunately, most people don’t. Always try and keep in mind that you want your blog to invite the majority of individuals who land on it, to stay. Colour, fonts and a simple layout are all invitation makers when used correctly.
  • Don’t have any audio or video that auto-plays as soon as a reader arrives on your blog. The jolt that your user receives from the unexpected audio or visual assault will probably result in them departing, never to return. Always give your readers the option to turn on anything themselves.

There are of course exceptions to the above suggestions, depending on the type of blog you have and the platform, but overall they are good, easy ideas that will make a big difference. If you don’t have these things in place, give them a try.

Happy blogging.