Rain’s Wonderful Loneliness.

Have you felt the loneliness that a cloudy, rainy day brings? It’s the only kind of loneliness I love. Holed up safely at home, enjoying the battle of raindrops from my window.
Blurbs of people, vehicles, shops, kids, umbrellas – their outlines awry. Like a watercolour painting on which has spilled water. Trickling destruction. As if trying to break their molds and unite with each other.
The trees sway in the high winds in a gentle dance, the occasional soft thunder adding percussion to the mix. It seems like nature has become a playful child. Wet, fresh, young, as if given another chance to be reborn.
Even the traffic noises take on a distinctive tone. Try to hear them. The aggressive vroom of a motorcycle, the irritating rat-a-tat of the auto, the deep baritone of a truck – their sharp edges softened down by the gentle pitter-patter of raindrops everywhere. And if you are lucky enough to experience a pause in the traffic, leaving only the raindrops – do not forget to close your eyes. It’s even better than the reprieve you thought was the best part of a rainy day. A moment of unison with nature. Aurally. Soothes the mind. And when the same ‘noises’ resume after that, the peace prevails. The same struggling world suddenly seems easier. Rekindled hope.
Finally, when the showers stop, the colours come out. It is as if Mother Nature has got an amazing face-lift. Her wrinkles and crinkles all ironed out. As the drops of life gave her a much-needed respite, it is as if she has shed her skin of grime and dust, bringing out the tenderness within.
“Mother” Nature never sounded more real.
Edited and rewritten from an original writing by VJ Kamat.