12 Essential Keys to Successful Social Media Use


Social media is wonderfully powerful and an exciting thing to be a part of and use. You can find great success or horrible failure depending on how you present yourself in just a few different ways. I would like to offer 12 different but essential things that could make or break your experience and success in social media.

Social Media Essential points:

  1. When you get a new Twitter follower don’t immediately DM them and ask them to like your Facebook page.  This practice makes you look desperate and it’s intrusive. What are you doing for your new follower in return first?
  2. Those of you who need a Facebook Page must realise that you are going to have to pay for advertising to get it noticed. Begging for “likes” endlessly on other social platforms gets tiresome quickly. Many successful people are using personal FB pages very successfully for work instead and these are free.
  3. Never tweet “Facebook me…..”, it is tasteless and useless.
  4. Never post ” Follow me ……..”, it is tasteless and useless.
  5. Using TruTwit (on twitter) to force new connections to prove they are human is a beginner epidemic.* It is annoying and you will lose followers. (Thankfully this horrible practice seems to be almost dead as of the publishing of this post)
  6. The people with the least experience and worst advice are the ones who call themselves Experts, Ninjas, and Gurus.* There is a lot of really bad advice out there. Be careful who you listen too. Check their real credentials.
  7. Remember tweets and posts are supposed to humour, help, and inform your followers and friends. They are not supposed to be your innermost confessions about your life. Tweet and post interesting, funny and informative stuff from sources other than your family album. Everyone will thank you. Also, Please, yes please, post something in addition to your own self-promotional stuff.
  8. Personally, I don’t feel it necessary to be thanked for following someone on Twitter. However, I really appreciate it if they share some of my tweets.
  9. I always RT interesting tweets that my audience can relate too. I also RT for friends, companies I like etc. It’s my way of saying thanks and showing loyalty. I try to use my “liking” of posts on Facebook in the same way.
  10. Unless your only friends or followers are your immediate family it’s best to refrain from posting/tweeting things like; “Feeling depressed….”  or “I’m so sad….”. Nobody other than your Mother knows why or actually cares about a post/tweet like this and it just makes you look like a desperate attention seeker. Phone a helpline if your situation is truly desperate.
  11. A word is worth a thousand acknowledgements. I am a true believer in taking an extra second to reply on Twitter or comment on Facebook with even just one or two affirmative words. They do make a difference. They show you actually read the tweet/post. They make people feel good.

That’s it for the basics to practising good manners in social media. All opinions expressed are my own except for the two points marked with*. Those two points were also noted by Robert Caruso in his post: bundlepost.com blog: 50 Random Things I Have Learned About Social Media Marketing.

This is a reblog from February of 2015. I have reposted it because of the excellent reception it received at that time. Thanks