If Only I Could Find A Way


I know that there’s a reason why I need to be alone

I know that there’s a silent place that I can call my own


You know I get so weary from the battles in this life

And so many times it seems that you’re the only hope in sight


When everything’s dark, and nothing seems right,

You don’t have to win, and there’s no need to fight


I never cease to wonder at the cruelty of this land

But it seems a time of sadness is a time to understand


If only I could find a way

To feel your sweetness through the day

The love that shines around me could be mine.

Photos by Bob Wick of BLM, California via CBS

Writing edited from “Lord Is It Mine” written by Roger Hodgson from Supertramp 1979.

created by Amanda Ricks @surprisinglives.net

updated and re-posted Feb. 12. 2016