Does Self-Hosting Always Create Panic Attacks?

The internet Gods decided that I needed a hit over the head reminder that “if it seems too good to be true then it probably is.”

On Friday, Feb. 5th I was full of pride and overconfidence at the successful move of Surprising Lives from to a self-hosted site at Site Ground. Everything was in place and it all looked very spiffy. I was assured by the WP team that my loyal WP followers would indeed still receive all of my posts in their readers as they always had in the past. All was good.

Saturday morning arrived and one look at my STATS told me that all was not good.

To make a long story short let’s say that the “system” smart people involved in website and blog setups would not be great bloggers or writers. Or perhaps to be more specific they probably wouldn’t have any followers or readers. Through a still unknown system problem, nobody received any of my posts except some Twitter followers and a couple of WP followers who receive notifications via email. These lucky readers, however, were not able to either like and or comment on anything on my blog!

My Stats erratically flipped back and forth between registering zero visitors and then huge amounts intermittently!

The worst part was that nobody with the ability to fix the problem seemed to be able to grasp the URGENCY that the whole point about blogs is that they exist purely to be up running and read!

A huge Thank you to Ralph of Bluefish Way for finally getting through to me by email with some details about the specific problems that were going on.

So thank you, everyone, for your patience.


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