Just Yes, No If’s And’s Or But’s

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Such a nice small easy word to say but it isn’t said very much without hesitation. Yes is a small word with a huge meaning and sometimes an even bigger consequence.

So often this word gets tangled up in “Let me think, check my schedule, mull it around, try and find an excuse, do I owe you any favours, how much time will this take” and so on.

An immediate and spontaneous Yes is earned. It is a sign of respect and trust. Unfortunately, it is easily abused and never gets it’s initial trust and respect back again.

Be careful what you ask for and you will be the recipient of true and spontaneous “Yes’.”

Original post inspired by Seth’s Post of Jan. 21, 2016


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Amanda Ricks is a Writer, Blogger, Solo Mum to two beautiful teenage daughters, and wearer of many more hats! You can always find her on Twitter @surprisinglives or @amandaslives.